Meilleures ventes

Powerful notes for a sensual fragrance.


100 ml Natural Spray bottle, 250 ml or 500 ml aluminium bottle


Flowers and citrus fruits notes for a fresh and light frangrance.


For her, for him, Pure Tea is a sharing Eau de Parfum. Its fragrance is sophisticated and fresh and suit to each type of skin, its a timeless water...

50 ml Natural Spray bottle.


Daily moisturizing of your body with scent of Vallauris hills return to the times of festive picking.

250 ml pump-bottle.




Vegetal Jojoba oil is the only one having similar composition than human skin. Using for moisturize and revitalize skins, to nourish dried hair, give strenght and shine and to calm irritation. You can also use as make-up remover and massage oil.


125 ml bottle


For the delight to be fresh day after day without agressing your sensitive armpits skin.


40 ml large stick.


Sweet perfume of Fig leaves in the morning dew when the day rises.


Vegetal soap, with biologic virgin Olive Oil.

Round soap of 100 gr.


This Cube is a traditional Olive Oil soap, unscented, perfect for delicate skins.


Vegetal Premium Quality soap, with biologic virgin Olive Oil.

Cube Soap of 220 gr.


Blueberry scented soap.

Vegetal soap, with organic virgin Olive Oil.

Soap of 95 gr.