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Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur,
Expert since 1930 !

For professionnal, our Business Service offer you to create your own fragrance, scent, oil ... Our products are natural and from local production of Grasse.

JEAN BOUIS Créateur Parfumeur, expert from 1930, is professionnal, reactive and flexible during elaboration, creation and production process.

Perfumery industry is always evoluting, it's necessary fiting to specific needs of customers. We can elaborate for you a representative fragrance of brand identity or offer you our own products.

Some example of services :

- Welcome pack for hotels
- Workshop, olfactive initiation
- Creation of customize formula (perfume, cosmetics, soaps, ambiant items...)
- Product Information File (PIF reglementary)
- Toxicologic tests for skin and / or eyes tolerence
- CPNP notification (Notification European gate of your items)
- Stability study - PAO calculation (items retention after opening)
- Compatibility study with the selected packaging

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