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Even closed, we remain at your service ! Discover our click and collect service

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Lavender and its benefits



What are the benefits of lavender ? How to use it ? We answer all Your questions.

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No animal testing


Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeurr refers to historic values given by the elder, instilling Human, Nature, Animals and Earth respect and protection.

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Something new is coming...


Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur seems to be close to a new future...

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White Fig


White fig, sweet and wild, is coming in Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur products family.

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Maryse à Paris


Do you know MARYSE A PARIS ? Discover with Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur this elegant parisian brand.

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Amandine become Rose-Muguet


With its new brand image, Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur add some changes to some of its products... Don't be surprised if you don't see the Amandine perfume, its name just has changed.

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