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Workshop Jean Bouis Créateur Parfumeur:
your creativity honored

You will learn the basics about creation of perfume and even be able to create your own personal fragrance. The options are endless. You will discover your creativity and explore the nuances and sensitivity of your olfactory sense.

Different themes are offered depending on the inspiration or the season, you will learn about:

- the secrets of the world of Perfumes
- the tools and lanquage used by professional perfumists
- the "olfactive pyramid" and ils importance for the creation of parfume
- the basis of all fragrances

Through your experience, cologne and essential oils, for exemple, will no longer be just scents. You will never again experience scents in the same way.

Master Parfumeurs from Grasse, the World Perfume Capital, are in charge of our "Ateliers Creation" (workshops). They are scheduled throughout the year or by request for groups of 6 or more.

Our programs wil include:

- An explanation of the theme offered
- A History of the Parfumerie
- How to organize the parfume organ
- Creation using only selected material

Marianne B,
64 ans / Cannes, France

"Je suis ravie du concept ! Nous avons beaucoup appris, la formatrice est charmante et très pédagogue.
Nous recommanderons cet Atelier à nos amis."