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Our History

JEAN BOUIS Créateur Parfumeur: a family affair and traditional craft for over a century...

Our story began with Antoine Bouis in Opio (Provence) in 1906. He mastered the art of cultivating the best plants and flowers for use in luxury perfumes. Jasmine, Rose Centifolia, Tuberose, and Neroli (from the orange tree) were his specialty and his knowledge was unparalleled. He owned one of the largest and most beautiful properties in the Grasse region.


Alain’s son, Franck Bouis, has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He continues the family adventure in the Parfumerie world. Franck studied under a “Master Parfumeur” from Grasse, Richard Teissere from the Maison Givaudan-Roure.

Franck is also an innovator and visionary who seeks to preserve the family history and the knowledge of his forbearers.

He has developed and diversified the business by working for famous labels and by adding new collections like quality scented candles and home fragrances.

Franck has modernized the factory to adhere to modern rules and regulations and to adapt to new marketing ideas. Like his father, grandfather and great grandfather, Franck is leading the business to evolve in response to customer demand but always with the utmost respect for the quality materials and people who make Parfums Bouis products the finest in the world.

Many years ago, Jean Bouis set the standard: “From father to son we have been witnessing a constant progression of the quality of our products and of the trust that our “Jean Bouis” label has owned.”

And the story continues...